VEGAS TIME – Main Event

Main Event dinner break, DAY 1A I’m playing since the first hand in the first level It’s been worth! I had a great chance in the very first 30 minutes of the game to double my stack I ended up earning many chips I reached 75,000 and now I have 62,000 out of the initial 50,000, so it’s flowing! We played 7-handed for almost an hour and a half Every professional player likes to play with the minimum amount of players at the table So, that time we were 7-handed was good, now it’s been 9-handed for a while And the hand I almost doubled was very interesting In the blind 75-150 that is the first blind level without ante A player opened 400 Another one flatted And I re-raised KK from small to 1,600 and they both pay Flop KJ3, rainbow I C-bet 1,500, a lower value Because there weren’t many hand combinations, there was no draw they’d pay So I wanted to leave it cheaper so they could call The first, the aggressor one, showed K and went up to 3,000 then the other one folded If I repeated that action, I’d show them too much strength As he seemed to be a rookie player, he could’ve been returning only K, only J, a pair, TQ With weaker hands because I wanted to keep him in the game once I had the bigger triple nuts I only paid turn 1-8 with no flush draw, being nuts still That time I checked and he bet 5,000 When he repeated the bet He raised the value, he bet high in the turn I went against his hand even stronger Maybe something around JJ, 33 or even a K Two pairs, KJ With a strong hand So I decided to show K, because I realized it was the only way I could stack him Taking all the chips off and maybe doubling them He made 5 and I returned 15, I let it round to ease his payment Then he thought for a while and paid Then you can realize he’s a rookie player, because he wasn’t so attached to his chips He was playing River 4, I kept being nuts in the hand Thinking about that, he ended up having 19,000 behind That was when I got in doubt Would I set an ALL-IN or would I set a value bet of half pot letting him with half number of chips? As I put him in a very strong range and I was wondering that after he paid my KK in the turn, it’d be JJ or 33 I thought he wouldn’t fold in the river Then I decided to set an ALL-IN and he thought for around 5 minutes and folded Thinking about that hand later It seems that the best line would be betting 10,000 that would be 99% sure he would call Why? The rookie player doesn’t want to bust in the first half hour of game If it were now, after 5 hours, he would call easily I guess he even folded that triple He didn’t want to bust So I should have made 12, letting him with 5,000 in the blind 75-150 He would still have 30 blinds and he could still be in the game So, this survival thing of letting him alive in the hand in the tournament To keep him in the game, letting him with hope to be back It would be the best line I guess he folded triple, we’ll never know, right? It’s the end of the DAY 1 here in the Main Event I passed to DAY 2 I’m good in chips, I almost doubled my stack 92,700 chips I’m really happy for my first day I’m stable, tranquil, with no risk, playing a lot of hands There was no ALL-IN preflop There wasn’t any at the table, practically I ended up changing the table and it made it difficult I was playing very well at the first table, but I was able to adapt Let’s fill it out!

92,700 for DAY 2 Let’s rest because tomorrow is Sunday, then Monday and the DAY 2 will be only on Tuesday Our Chilean buddy here is there as well! – Congrats, GG in DAY 2! Here we go! – Good Luck! This Main Event DAY 2 For those who have watched the previous episodes It isn’t… Well, I’m not going to say it’s not so important Because it’s obvious, the Main Event is the most important tournament But, it’s really far from getting ITM Main Event ITM is in the end of DAY 3 or even in DAY 4 So, in the other tournaments, when we were packing chips it meant we were ITM or close to getting ITM It’s really important because it’s Main Event, but it’s only the first step There’ll be the whole DAY 2, in order to pass to DAY 3 and then the things start to unraveling But being doubled in chips right from the DAY 1 Allows you to be tranquil with a bigger chance of playing many hands in DAY 2 Let’s go, folks! One more DAY 2 and it’s special, it’s the Main Event I’ve passed with 53,000 chips I’ve passed the whole day oscillating I started with 50,000 and I didn’t have less than 50,000 nor more than 70,000 at any moment I’ve been oscillating the whole day between 50,000 and 70,000 And I ended up with 53,000 in the end of the day, but it’s okay With almost 100 blinds for DAY 2 Let’s go!

Here I have my first step for a long journey 53,800 Este é pra você! – Este é pra mim! – Sim!

12 hours of playing to count We’re in the game, we passed! That’s what really matters! And now let’s think of DAY 2! DAY 2 is my next step! Let’s go!

There’ll be 7 steps Thank you, for you too bro! I’m starting the Main Event DAY 2 here More than 7,200 entries The DAY 1C was over yesterday, right? $8,000,000 for its champion And I’m stepping forward to DAY 2 Then tomorrow, if everything works well today, I’ll have a day off In order to play DAY 3, where all flight are put together Let’s go! Main Event Day 2, dinner break WSOP has complicated the players lives for today They put dinner break after the fourth level, so we played for 8 hours Now it’s dinnertime Then we come back to play 2 more The usual is playing 6, dinner and 4 But it’s okay, let’s go!

I’m good in chips with 170,000 Blind comes back in 800-1600 now The WSOP structure is formidable My first ALL-IN preflop happened few minutes ago After 8 hours, I mean… 6 hours and a half playing DAY 1 and 2 It means that I played 10 hours in a day And now 6 hours and a half more In order to set the first ALL-IN preflop later I ended up with AA I found TT, but I lost I was supposed to have 260,000, but 170,000 is still very good, a lot of chips I’ll go back and play more 2 hours and stamp my passport to DAY 3 Then on DAY 3, I start and right from the middle of the day to the end I start getting closer to the bubble as well as closer to be ITM That’s the end of the DAY 2, one more step in the marathon, which is the Main Event 10 hours played at this table, that’s too tiresome But, there is it! 226,400 It’s a very good stack! I started with 50,000 on DAY 1, practically I doubled it to 92,000 And now I doubled it again to 226,400 If I keep this pace I’m going to get well in the last day I’ll pack them now! I’m too happy!

I guess that guy is really the table’s chip leader Everybody’s there interviewing and filming him We played the whole night I mean, the whole day at the same table for 10 hours Look! 600,000! A lot of chips! Let’s go, folks! DAY 2, DAY 2C, right? They put everybody that played DAY 1C together That’s the biggest field in WSOP Many people ask me why I choose DAY 1C And why the major part of people choose DAY 1C Well, that’s a simple answer Well, the field is bigger, it’s always bigger in the last day That’s why we have a major number of recreational players And it’s obvious that I prefer to share my table against the recreational than the professionals So, well… the recreational number on DAY 1C, being bigger Look who’s there!

GL! – Let’s go! – Here we go! Here we go! So, it shows that DAY 2 will have a bigger number of recreational And it’s due to Satellites That happen on Saturdays and Sundays It’s crowded on Saturdays and Sundays while there are many people playing WSOP DAY 1A and DAY 1B There are tons of Satellite happening And these guys that win the Satellite don’t entry in the middle of the tournament in the late register They prefer to sleep and play DAY 1C That’s why DAY 1C is always this explosion of people And that’s why I always choose DAY 1C I never played another day at WSOP that wasn’t DAY 1C And I’ll keep this way, right? Who knows it can work Step by step Today is the second step in my journey, in my trajectory There will be 8 steps 7 days are counted in total But I put the ITM as a step more And today is the day I play a bit more aggressively than the way I played DAY 1A I mean, DAY 1C, the first day The first day I played small ball, very tranquil, controlling all pots With small pots But today I’ll take a bigger risk Because I want to pass to DAY 3 with a comfortable stack Because tomorrow will be a decisive day Tomorrow will be the day I need to strike, dude!

Let’s go! I hope this change is good! You came to stay, you even brought your pillow! Good one! See if I intend to leave early! I intend to sleep here, dude!

Look how beautiful this is, Gustavão! Wow! Look the little fish Nico has ordered! What’s that, dude? Can you imagine today’s one? – What happened?

– The first level today… …I was really short I hadn’t had played almost any hand 70k at the 300-600 QQ UTG was 1,600 The guy after me called, the guy after him called Then a guy that was about 45 years old that was tight as well Set all 11,000 From where? – It happened in sequence – Alright! – UTG, UTG 1, MP, MP1, like this!

– Alright! – How was his stack? He had around 100k – 11,000?

– 11,000! That’s a situation I don’t want to go through! I wouldn’t fold!

The thing is his size was very high, right? If you flat, it’s bad for playing Pot turned to 27, I guess! – Well, but you have… – 70, right? With 60 behind You ask for a flop and the all the guys stay like – You ask for showing an A in the flop, right? – Yeah! Then you quickly fold, don’t you?

If they show an A I fold, right? If it comes flop, 9 high you get canned If it comes flop A, you get canned That’s it! I guess folding is the best option, isn’t it?

It’s a very tough discipline, but it’s better! Let’s go, folks! Look! All Brazilians are coming back from dinner break Headed to DAY 3, guys Let’s go, Mirandinha! Let’s go, damn! Let’s go, Theozinho!

Let’s go, Gorilla! There are Brazilians all around, dude! There will be more Brazilians then Gringos here soon Well, we’re there! One more DAY 3 to count One more step given It was a very complicated day for me I reached 140k At the blind… At this blind, 1600 But I ended up losing a JJ and a AK I’m passing with 84,000 chips The blind will come back in 1,000-2,000 tomorrow I have 42 blinds for tomorrow It’s enough stack to play, it’s tranquil I have many tools with 42 blinds I could have passed better If a guys hasn’t killed me, he put 3 outs on me It’s part of the game As the day was going I also put 3 outs on them So, it’s part of the game!

Let’s go! I’ll rest now, because I’m very tired I’ll take a good rest And tomorrow I’ll be back for DAY 3, because they put everybody together, right? Everybody’s reunited tomorrow! Let’s go!

Phew! One more DAY 3! Main Event is never bad! Let’s go! Ei, meu saco não está…!

Meu saco não… – Pois bem… – Eu fiz um erro! – Minha mochila! – Pois bem, vá embora! Seu doido!

Let’s go, folks! Our daily walk! Me and Garridão! DAY 3 We’re drinking our energy drink – Coffee – Our little coffee! DAY 3 I have a stack with 42 blinds A good stack to strike! I have all the tools I need Let’s go, right?

The road path we already know! Now, let’s put chips on the table! Let’s root for it! Let’s go! DAY 3 is a very special day, nothing matters passing DAY 1 or DAY 2 If you don’t make DAY 3 well, because you got ITM in the end of the day And pass to DAY 4 with a good stack There will be 800 people left on DAY 4 Then the things will start flowing and you start to see the end of the Main Event – Let’s go, folks!