Online Casino Gambling

Welcome to the Online Gambling section.  The most important factors to winning big are:

1.  Play at a Good Reputable Online Casino

It is worth your time to research the casinos you are going to play.  Look for casinos that have great reputations, good payment histories and a history of treating their customers fairly.

Look for reviews that actually give you some information that will help you win and help to make your playing experience more enjoyable.  I personally turn the other way when I see a review that looks too much like a sales pitch. 

In my early days I found a good online gambling advice site.  I did very well, made a lot of money, got paid quickly and generally had very good experiences.  Later I went searching for big bonuses at some lesser-known casinos.  I didn’t notice right away but eventually it became clear that I was not winning as much. My frustration level rose.  Examples of little annoyances included: having to wait 3-5 days for a bonus and paying a fee to receive a check. The good casinos are serious about customer service and usually make things easy for you, leaving you free to enjoy yourself.

2.  Find the Best Bonuses

Play the internet casinos with the best bonuses.  The initial bonus is very important but also look for casinos that have good ongoing bonuses, monthly bonuses or special promotions.  There are even online casinos that give you No-deposit bonuses nzThe bonuses will require you to wager a certain amount in order to cash in.  Most often you must wager a number of times the deposit and the bonus amount. For example, if you deposit $100 and get $100 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement, you would have to wager ($100 + $100) x 20 = $4000 before cashing in. It sounds like a lot but isn’t really because all your bets, win or lose, are counted. It is worthwhile to wager enough to meet the wagering requirement and maybe a touch more. You will then be considered a good player and be more likely to receive invitations to future promotions.

hint: An easy way of keeping track of your wagering amount is by using the Comp amounts that are offered with some software, such as Playtech.

3. Play with Good Software

The reputation and the quality of the software are extremely important.  The safest bet is to play software built by a well-established software company that has been around for a while.  You are in the best hands if the software was built by a large company that has a good reputation to uphold.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t play proprietary software, just that you have to be more cautious.  Some excellent casinos use proprietary software.  In the latter case you have to know more about the casino’s history and reputation.  

For your own enjoyment it is also important that the software games be clear, easy to use and reduce errors.  For example, a blackjack game should not let you hit a 21.  The speed of the game is important as it allows you to meet your wagering requirements quicker and therefore make more money. And don’t forget that the software should be fun.

4. Pick one of the Good Banking Options

Most people make their first couple of deposits at an online casino using a credit card.  This option works well most of the time, but when you win you can wait from to 2 to 5 weeks for your check.  I would rather have the money so I can re-invest it at another casino.   By using an electronic banking system like NETeller, you can receive many of your payments in 1 to 3 business days. 

5. Payout Percentage

Without researching the rules of the different games you could get a good idea what casino pays the best by looking at their Payout Percentages. Personally, I have never used payout percentage as a criterion for choosing a casino. I like comparing apples with apples, which rarely occurs with casino payout percentages. In the perfect world, you would find a list comparing the payout percentages of casinos for a period of a year or even 6 months.

What really happens is that most of the payout percentages are quoted monthly. I have found that casinos can have one high payout percentage month (say 99%) and then advertise their payout percentage to be 99% for God knows how long. If you see a banner with a percentage quoted on it try to keep tract of how long it will be before the number changes. I suspect that some casinos also run a number of big promotions in one month so that they can come up with a sweet number. These numbers also get quoted everywhere included in many top 10 lists. I have never paid much attention to payout percentages so please take this advice with a grain of salt. Some day I hope to research the subject in detail.

6.  Keep Track of Deposits and Withdrawals

I would recommend that you keep notes of what you deposit, the bonus expected and received.  You should especially keep track of your withdrawals and the withdrawal dates. It can be easy to forget what you have previously won. On the odd occasion you my have to email the casino if you are not paid in a reasonable amount of time.