How Do You Become a Pro Gamer and Ruin It?

Remember back in the day when people told you that playing video games was a waste of time. Well, this is teamliquid right after they won over ten million dollars at the International dota 2 tournament, grand finals game II went from a hobby to a legitimate career. As you can see from the top gamers, there are those who are making more than most people with a college degree for video games prize money is a great source of income, but with the growing popularity of twitch gamers have the opportunity to get paid off streaming. Their favorite games summit 1g gets massive donations, while playing fallen, is not only on one of the top teams and makes a ton of money from tournaments, but he also makes money streaming and he has various brand deals. Then you got guys like dr disrespect he’s. Not only a good gamer but he’s grown, based on the character that he plays on camera, but this isn’t a success story.

This is a story about how addiction destroyed my professional gaming career. What’S up everybody, this is Chris from the rewired soul. Where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution – and this is a story that I don’t share too often, even when I share my story of addiction and recovery – I just kind of leave it out and I don’t know why, because gaming is kind of A big deal these days so kick back. Relax this video is gon na be a little bit longer, but I want to explain to you how I actually had a professional gaming career and my addiction completely destroyed it.

So the first thing I want to do when I start off this video, I’m gon na talk about some people that I hurt and harmed and things like that and if any of them are watching some of them, I still have on Facebook and if you happen To stumble across this in any way, I want you to know that. I’M truly sorry, I was a selfish self-centered, egotistical, asshole, all right and I do apologize, but I have you know, grown some of these relations chips back and things like that. But for anybody else who I heard in the I am truly sorry all right. So, as some of you know who follow my channel, you know that I am a drug addict and alcoholic in recovery and something I want to point out.

As you see how this story goes, my addiction for me personally, the way my addiction manifests. It is almost 1,000 percent, based on my pride and based on my ego, and you will see how that played its role in me, destroying my professional gaming career. My addiction was only a symptom of the issue, but my pride in my ego is what led me to drink and use more drugs. Alright, so I want you to remember that as we go along so anyways since a young age, young young age, I was born in 1985 the year that Nintendo came out. I was probably four or five years old when I got my first Nintendo gaming system and I was hooked on video games ever since you know I grew up playing Nintendo then I switched over to Sega. Then I got myself a Playstation and just onward and upward it was around high school.

When I really got into PC gaming, I got my first computer. I was hanging out with a friend and he was like yo. Let’S check out this game, I think it was Starcraft, the first Starcraft and I sucked, but I loved it – I loved it and we played the original Warcraft. Something about me, I’m very competitive like not in a in a crazy way.

It used to be in a crazy way, but not anymore, but I’m very competitive and you know in high school I was a triathlete. I did football wrestling on track, but gaming was another way for me to be competitive and a lot of this played into being the child of an alcoholic mom and not feeling like I got attention, not feeling that I was good enough. Like competition gave me a way to prove to myself and to prove to other people that I was actually good at something whether it was real life sports or whether it was eSports. So I remember having my friends come over bringing over their Playstations and you had to use that link, cable and two separate TVs.

I this is like pre high-speed Internet. Ladies and gentlemen, all you kids out there and that’s what we did. I remember playing the first or second Warcraft on 56k dial-up with my friends right, but with broadband internet coming out and my friend introducing me to some games on the computer. I ended up getting a computer and my dad made a deal with me. He said we can get high-speed Internet if I joined the wrestling team. If I just tried it right and that’s how I joined the wrestling team – and I was like no that’s lame, you got ta wear like these tights and you got a wrestle round with dudes, but I was a natural and I actually excelled like crazy and wrestling.

We ended up going to the state championships. I ended up getting a nice little ring, which I lost in my addiction, oh well, but anyways. Throughout that time I was a hardcore gamer um, the first first-person shooter that I really got into was quake3 loved it loved it. I could play that all day. Long and what’s crazy is, is that you know, with all of my anxiety and depression that I struggled with throughout high school gaming was actually the reason why I didn’t start drinking until the very end of my high school career. I remember every Friday night we had our varsity football games and we’d play and then everybody would go out and party and they’d invite me and my buddy and we’d be like now.

No thanks and we would just go and play video games. This was win. Land sinners were on the rise gaming cafes. If you will – and we would just go – hang out there and we play and then I was introduced to my first addiction, which was a game called counter-strike boy.

Did I fall in love with that game? Like I think, it’s also important for people with addictions to realize that we were often addicts long before drugs and alcohol came into play and what I mean by that is when I got hooked on counter-strike, I had an obsession. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I would stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning playing me and my buddy would ditch class to go home and play counter-strike like we were obsessed with this game, but anyways my junior and senior year as I’m playing counter-strike, and I was really into the Competitive aspect, one of the land centers here it had a local league and we were we were the best teams in Vegas we’re always within the top three me and my friends – and I was just I love the competition of it and around that time we started Watching international tournaments that tournament to watch back in the day and some of you old schoolers, you know what I’m talking about. It was called CPL. It was like call, I think, it’s good for the cyberathlete professional league and every year they would have two tournaments in Dallas one in the summer, one in the winter and then other tournaments started to spawn in other countries, and things like that and what we used To do back in the day me and my buddies would all go over to my friend’s house. He was freaking rich and we all bring our computers over and we’d stay up all night, just watching these tournaments like whether they were here in the states or they were in other countries, and I will never forget I’ll, never forget. I remember watching one of these tournaments in another country, and I was like man, I would love to travel the world see the world do something that people don’t even get a chance to do right. I would love to do that for video games and another thing about us.

Addicts and alcoholics is that when we set our mind on something like we go, get it, unfortunately, that’s typically with drugs and alcohol, but anyways I locked in on that. I was like. I want to do that so right after high school, I ended up going to a small, tiny, tiny college in Northern California, and there was a website called got frag and there were a website covering all of the major counter-strike tournaments. They were doing feature articles and things like that, and I kind of realized, like I humbled myself and I was like okay, Chris you’re, never gon na become a professional gamer, but I was always known as one of the smartest guys in the game. So I wanted to sign up and start writing for free for this place.

This website called goth frag. I wanted to do that and work my way up the ranks and become known and go to tournaments. You know because I figured I couldn’t, make it as a player so and it’s an interesting story too, so I ended up weaseling my way in because I used to make Counter Strike movies and they needed people to who were video editors or my gosh or sign Me up so I did that and I was I’m one of those guys I still am where, if something needs to be done, I I just want to do it.

I just want to do it. I like work. I like working hard.

I, like impressing bosses, you know and all that stuff, so they ended up needing graphic design done. So I started doing that, even though my stuff sucked, but I was really into Photoshop back in the day, so I made some stuff well. Anyways Cpl had a league, an online league called cow, ok, cyberathlete, amateur league. I think it was and every week they would do predictions okay and whenever they get predictions.

I remember watching and reading these articles and the guy who did predictions socked right like he was just, he was just really half-assing it. Okay – and I was man, I could do such a better job and I was always asking I kind of write something. Can I do something? Can I do some predictions because I like really watch these teams like while some people like are really into like football or hockey or baseball?

They know every single player and they know how this team operates and how that team operates and how the matchups gon na be like that’s how I was with Counter Strike. Well, lo and behold, one day, this dude’s computer got a virus and he could not do the predictions and we were talking back in mirc chat and they’re like we need somebody to do the predictions on a mic pick me, so I ended up doing the predictions That week and everybody who read my predictions loved it, they absolutely loved it and they’re like this. Guy needs to do more of them and by the way my gaming name is boot man. So you might hear that throughout this video, so it was like this guy needs to do them from now on right, so what they started to do, they started letting me and the other guy do predictions together, eventually that guy just left, I kept doing predictions, but Now I had my foot in the door and I wanted to do more.

I wanted to write about my thoughts about Counter Strike strategy and different players and player moves, and you know player trades and gossip in the community. I just wanted to do more and get really involved. I started doing it and it exploded with this one thing.

So the guy I looked up to and he’s one of the guys if he watches this, I would like to apologize Trevor Midway Schmidt. So if any of you are old school gamers, like he’s still in the in the scene, but he’s more in the background, but he was the dude, he went from being a pro gamer to running da fag. He was one of the the first guy one of the main guys who started da frag, and he was he was like a mentor. A big brother to me helped me out a lot but anyways. He did an article around big tournaments called Midway’s playbook and I loved him.

I loved what he did, but something that I do, I’m always thinking outside of the box. That’S why you see a bunch of different content on my channel, I’m always trying to think outside of the box, and I was looking at what Midway was doing and I absolutely loved it, and I was like you know what I think we could do more with This, I think we could do more. With this. I in my brain I always related counter-strike to football right. It’S very similar football. You do a play, you stop!

You regroup. You come back same thing with counter-strike. You play a you play around.

You! Stop you regroup! You come back right and I was like okay well, if it’s kind of like football, then maybe we can start analyzing the offense and defense. Maybe we just ah predicting what the other teams are doing. So I talked him into letting me do a guest, PlayBook and Trevor’s articles Midway’s articles, his playbooks. They were about a page or two pages long.

They were great. There were great articles right, but I ended up taking about man. I don’t know like eight eight hours. 12 hours – and I did this extremely in-depth playbook – there was a team that was on the rise at the time called Inouye. It was the first time that international players and North American players merged together and made a team so Inouye stood. For you know it was like North America as well as I forget, but anyways they were like they were from the Nordic countries so like like Norway and Sweden and stuff like that anyways they were on the rise, and then there were my first playbook.

I did this really in-depth one, and I’ve really focused on the defense and back in the day, so any of you csgo players and I think you can still kind of shoot through walls in csgo, but back in the day in CS 1.6, you can straight up Shoot through a law like it was paper, so what I did was I was watching demos of these teams and just watching, and I would find each of the players favorite sparks on NOAA, and I released this massive playbook. This massive playbook all right and because I did that got frag, actually flew me out to Dallas to the CPL, and it was right after I lost this playbook and something insane happened. You just saw that teams were destroying in a way they were shooting these guys straight through walls, because my play books were on point. They knew exactly where these people were going to be, and I remember because I was kind of friends with some of the guys out in LA and they like they were like upset but like in a joking way like it was, and I was like. Oh, my god, like I really hit something and that’s when I exploded.

That’S when I became a big deal. People like boot man’s playbooks boot man’s playbooks boot man’s playboys, and I started writing a lot more writing a lot more just so many more things. I was just hooked on that. I was so I was working, I’m regular nine-to-five job and I would come home and just write and write and write like this was gon na be my ticket. I kept doing that and eventually got frag, flew me out to Sweden to go to something called the knoll oval, and so I was about 19 years old. I think – and I just got a 100 % paid for trip to another country and it was a dream.

Come true and right about this time, okay, my drinking wasn’t terrible. Okay, I started off with just alcohol no drugs at all and it wasn’t terrible, but I like to party I love to party uh. I had that kind of frat guy mentality, even though I wasn’t in a fraternity, so you know that international flight I got to drink, I got to drink. When I went there, it was still somewhat under control.

What ended up happening was there was a team called team. 3D. Okay and Team 3d came to me and they said. Listen. We love your playbooks.

We need some help because 3d used to be the top North American team. You just used to be this rivalry between North America and Sweden and they’re. Like look, we want to hire you to make us like personal playbooks for the other teams and they were going to WCG in San Francisco. I forget what year it is, it might have been 2006 and they said we want to pay you to do it. I think they wanted to pay me. Like five hundred bucks and I went to my bosses, I got fag, I’m like yo.

Can I do this and they ended up letting me do it and I was like okay so so I did this really in-depth playbook. It was kind of hard because there’s so many teams at that tournament, and you don’t know who they’re gon na play. So I think I did like the top teams and my roommate one of my best friends in the world. His name is Venus, so he he kind of he started growing as a name and got fried. I hooked him up with a writing gig and he got bigger and bigger, but we miss back in the day he used to work at Office Max. So I had him print out this playbook like these used to just be online and they printed it out.

Put the little spiral thing like I was being all professional and I ended up going to WCG in San Francisco and I gave 3d this playbook and for the first time, the first time and I think, a year or two and in gaming time. That’S a long time for North America to win a championship. Team 3d ended up winning the World Championship. They took down SK, who was the top swedish team at the time that people thought were invincible and now I’m sitting there like? Oh, my god like I can actually like help teams like in a new way. Now now I know like it, it was.

It was very, I don’t even know the words to explain it was. It was amazing, seeing that what my work can do what this effort? I was putting and can do and at that time, by the way back then back in my day there was no coaches. There was no coaches in the scene.

Now I’m gon na, let you in on a secret. If you’re still in here with this story, I ended up becoming the first eSports coach in the world. All right and some of you were gon na, say no, you weren’t what about that! Guy Veselin and you know these other people back. Then a lot of people were getting hired and getting the name coach right, but they were basically just somebody. They were like a hype, man, they would stand behind their team and just hype them up and say: let’s do it right, that’s what they would do.

They weren’t they weren’t, actually coaching, so I made one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my life, which was leaving god fry and becoming the coach of Team 3d, but I wanted to do it. I wanted to be the first coach. I wanted my name to be somewhere and I think maybe my ego is playing a little part in the reason why I’m making this video nobody talks about me and maybe it’s because of the relationships I destroyed. So I accept that I accept that and I move forward, but nobody talks about how boot man was the first real coach in eSports. Now, when you see this professional gaming term tournaments across all the different games, you see that all of them have coaches right and legitimate coaches, so Team 3d hired me my drinking was escalating a bit, but let me dial back a little bit back before I left. God frag this is when my ego really started to take a turn for the worse, and this is when alcoholism was actually starting to cause a problem when I was with God frag and we were in Dallas, so keep in mind.

This is when I was 19 20 years old. I was not of age to drink and I would sneak into parties. I would find alcohol, I would have other people you know buy me alcohol. It was kind of normal, like all of us, were like right around that age. 19.

20, like if you were 21, you were already like a geezer, so there was a lot of underage drinking back in the day and what ended up happening was. I ended up going to this party with an open bar just getting completely plastered and we went over to one of the team’s rooms. I forgot what team it was, but back in the day there was a girl one of the players, girl fans and her whole shtick back then, was to talk about gaming gossip, and we went into that room. I didn’t even notice she was in there.

She was wearing a wig, it was weird and she ended up recording me coming in there drunk and she caught me on camera. Saying well, look at me, I’m 18 and I’m drunk or however old I was, and she had that on film and got fried came. Came to my aid and they they ended up getting her to not release that get rid of it and sweep it under the rug, and I hope I’m not like making God Frank, look bad, but anyways like it was it was. It was a bad situation.

All around, but I put myself in danger my career in danger at that point, but anyways I started having a lot of problems with my bosses, like these guys, like I had absolutely no humility at all. No humility, as I was rising and I was becoming a big deal. You know I my brain was telling me like God: frog would be nothing without me. You wouldn’t get you wouldn’t get that traffic without me, you wouldn’t get the sponsors without me. You wouldn’t get the ads without me.

Nobody would come to this craphole website. If it wasn’t for me, the boot man right – and I would say this to the bosses, I used to have insane anger issues. So when I was like just look like this big whiny baby and like whenever I didn’t get my way, I would just throw this tantrum and I would fight with them, and you know one of the heads of God flag. He used to talk to me for hours and talk me off these cliffs when I wanted to quit.

Cuz nobody respected me and just all this stuff, and to be honest, that was one of the reasons I ended up taking the job at 3d. I was completely based on my pride and ego and when I started working with 3d CPL started something the CPL World Tour and basically they were popping up every every month or every other month. They were popping up in different countries and having these tournaments and Team 3d kept getting invited to him. So at this time I’m getting flown all over the country I used to go to New York once a month to be with the team. We would all fly out there and then right before we went to Spain, so I got to go to first I went to Sweden, then I went to Barcelona, Spain and we went there, but first we met up in. I think it was Virginia and we did like this boot camp so as a coach, while they were practicing and doing scrimmages online stuff like I was over there, analyzing teams making play books and things like that.

So we end up going to Spain to the World Tour and we got demolished. This is back when team complexity, who was another North American team, great great guys, a lot of them were good friends. Here’S actually a picture of me with one of the guys. It was all the old complexity team trip and then, as well as my buddy Josh Dominator severs, and so we went out there. We ended up getting destroyed, but when I would go out of the country like my drinking would just go insane like the entire time. On the plane, I was getting plastered because, as soon as I would hit international waters now, it was time for me to drink and I would just get wasted on the flight and when we got to Spain, I immediately hit the bar, and this is one of Those things like I would go to another country and I would spend more time drinking than actually like, exploring and sightseeing and stuff like that, most of the nights.

While we were in Spain, I was just you know. We would leave the tournament and I would just go find a bottle. I would go, buy some booze and just get blackout drunk in my hotel room but like to me it was like oh we’re, just partying because we’re out of the country but like well. My my teammates, the guys on my team and other gamers that would just like kind of relax and chill and having some drinks I was just like. I want to get blackout drunk you know and after that we ended up going to another WCG event, which was in Paris, France.

So now I get to go to Paris, France, and this is a story that I look back on and I’m just like man like. If that’s not somebody who’s addicted to alcohol, I don’t know who is so. We went to France and again just buying all the booze. I can, and I remember I remember people kept going like when it wasn’t time for the tournament. They would go to the Eiffel Tower and see these amazing places in Paris, France – and I remember thinking this thought I remember wanting to drink. Instead, I wanted to just get wasted when we have free time.

I just wanted to get blackout wasted and my brain told me, I said: don’t worry Chris, you can see the Eiffel Tower the next time in your pet, your like what what like spoiler alert. It’S been, what is it? 2018? It’S been over a decade now I still haven’t been back to Paris. So that’s to show you where my priorities were rather than going to see the Eiffel Tower. I decided to get wasted instead, right and fortunate enough.

For me, the tournament was actually inside the Louvre, which is a famous Museum in case you didn’t know, and so I got to see that just by going to the tournament but fun fact about that tournament, we were the first team to tie every single one of Our group stages stage matches I can in the history. At that point I don’t know if it’s happened again, but yeah anyways, here’s another picture of me. We were doing a kind of like a after match press conference with the media like back then, like people were having me sign, autographs and here’s. Here’S a screenshot and you can’t see it, but we were sponsored by Nvidia, and I was on this like this – was just building my ego and building my ego like when, when random people are coming up to you and how do you sign stuff and you’re? Getting put on boxes – and I remember signing posters for giveaways and we were doing and stuff like my ego – was just out of control, and the problem was too is that coaching them became difficult.

It was difficult for me to coach these guys win they’re, like these big deals like they’re, the famous ones like we’re talking about guys, and these might be names you don’t remember, but all the old schoolers do we’re talking about like case sharp, Rambo bombs mode. Oh right, these were big deals and they wouldn’t listen to me and I didn’t know how to keep them in check. You know what I mean and there ended up being some some shake ups with our roster around that time, 3d. We went through quite a few. Shake ups but anyways what ended up happening was we actually recruited two guys from that team in a way that I originally play booked – and these were two friends of mine, right, Mikey, so and Griffin, banger, also known as method and shag wire?

Okay – and this is when it took a turn for the worse and my ego got out of control and I was drinking and one thing about drinking is it makes you depressed when you’re when you become an alcoholic and you become completely delusional and I just started Butting heads with these guys – and it’s really sad so Mikey Griffin, if you’re watching this again, I apologize like here’s, a here’s, a picture of me and Griffin, Mike Griffin, was like one of my favorite dudes in the world. I still love that guy, like for those of you who don’t know like he was shag wired back in the day, but now he’s Griffin, the professional poker player like he actually made it to the final table at the World Series of Poker. Was it last year or two years ago, but anyways, here’s a clip of him at the final table and he’s like a big deal in the poker world like I, I have much respect for this dude, like he’s just one of those guys where you know when He finds something like he gets really into it, so I’m glad that he’s still doing great but anyways. I ended up leaving the team just leaving the team, and then I went back to golf rag with my tails between my legs begging them to take me back, and I even cut my deal, I said: listen, if you guys take me back, you don’t have to Fly me anywhere I just want to. Basically I just want to still be relevant, just let me write again and doubt it out at all right and man. It took maybe a couple months for my ego to just go crazy out of control again, and this is right around the time when God fried was just getting huge.

They gave me a second chance and I blew it and my drinking was just off the rails at that point, I’m talking every night blackout, drunk hungover, still drunk the next day, terrible I could barely even white. Like I don’t know what I was even doing back then but anyways I was yelling at them. How come you don’t fly me anywhere? I’M always comparing myself to the other staff members and stuff like that, and I ended up quitting, and that was that was pretty much the end of it. And you know it was one of the biggest regrets when I first got clean and not even when I first got clean man like during my active addiction.

Why it’s one of the things that fueled my addiction? I was so depressed. I hated myself for what I did. I hated myself because I fell out of the scene and not long after that got frag got bought out by MLG for millions of dollars, millions of dollars like millions of dollars, and I didn’t see a penny of it. Okay, I’m looking back, I don’t know if I would have.

I wasn’t like a stakeholder or anything, but the guys that got fried were amazing and I’m sure they would have hooked me up or helped me out, but you know I was on this path to making this. What I do with my life, just being involved in video games like being involved with video games, would have been part of my life, but instead I chose to just keep drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking, and I just fell out of the scene and meanwhile, My buddy weenus, he ended up doing great things. He helped him out, helped golf. I got with a magazine. They launched real quick. He ended up getting a job with Team eg back in the day.

He also became a big deal at CGS, so back man. This was about ten years ago, DirecTV started a league called CGS and they sent everybody out to Los Angeles well in the Los Angeles area and the players lived there and it was a weekly televised thing. There was Counter Strike, there was FIFA, there was dead or alive and there was a Forza. I think it was right and Bobby ended up getting me a job with them.

I ended up writing for one of the teams called the Las Vegas venom, and at that time I was unemployed. My drinking was insane and I got to go out there for a little while – and I remember just begging people to buy me. Alcohol, like man like that’s, not a good look.

Y’All like I was begging the players. I was begging, my boss, Alex Conroy, also known as Jax, who was a big deal back in the gaming days and stuff like that, so Alex if you’re watching this, like. I remember one night the my paycheck was like late and I remember begging, Alex cuz me and him we were stay the same apartment. I was begging him for booze money, begging him like how pathetic, but that’s what that’s.

What’S us, alcoholics and drug addicts do and like it was just terrible and anyways? I ended up. You know walking away from that, no long after he like shut down anyway he’s out of nowhere, but you know I would beat myself up in my in my addiction as well as my early recovery, because I sit back and I still love. I still love gaming. I still love gaming so much and I sit back and I would watch it in all these guys.

All these guys were just going somewhere. They were going somewhere. They were making tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars.

Guys I used to hang out with him, be friends with, and I’m just sitting there it’s like that. You know it’s like that that that that football player like I could have been somebody. I could have been something like that was me when it came to gaming and it fueled my depression and my self-pity and things like that, and I just I couldn’t believe what I did but anyways throughout my recovery. I I found this new purpose. I found this new purpose of one first and foremost just being a father to my kid, but also helping other people recover from addiction, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m sharing this story with you.

We’Re taught to share our experience, strength and hope. What what happened and how I got through it and we’re on that now and you know I’m I’m glad that you know so many of the guys that I used to be friends with who are succeeding in eSports and you know they’re able to support their families. Like back then, like none of us had kids, none like none of that stuff and like now we got families, and you know my buddies are getting married and things like that. I’M glad that gaming is something that they’re still doing, that completely supports them. I’M no longer a hater, I’m no longer sitting around miserable.

Like I’m like awesome, and you know in my recovery in the past 2 or 2 or 3 years, I’ve actually had a chance to run into him quite a few times. Um we went to the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament up in San Jose a couple years ago, bumped into a bunch of old friends and talk to them, and things like that last year. I’Ve always wanted to go to Seattle, so I actually got to go to ti6. Amazing experience I’m a big dota 2 nerd and player, and I still play a lot of video games by the way. Oh, but I got to go there with my friends and it was. It was an amazing experience.

It just gives me ramped up about eSports again over the past couple years. I’Ve dipped my toe back into the eSports thing a little bit, but I finally realized that this. What I’m doing right now with you is just this is my true passion.

This is my new passion, and this is what I love doing now. I found every time that I tried to get back into eSports, because I still I didn’t, burn every single bridge and I still had some opportunities and I’m pretty sure, even if I just shut down the rewired soul right now like I can work, my butt off And get back into it, but this helping people like you with your mental health addiction recovery, whatever the case may be like that is my true passion now, but one of the things that I get to do now is that I get to do gaming with my Son I get to play with him. I get to tell him these stories. I get to be the parent who encourages him like do what you love like. We live in an amazing time, that’s something that that helps me get out of the depression by the way.

It’S just knowing that like we, this isn’t something you could do 5060 years ago and not just for gaming if, for some reason, you’re still with me watching this, this isn’t just for gaming, like you can literally like anything that you’re passionate about you can turn it Into a career, you can turn it into something that pays the bills, and I like being able to teach that to my son and say: look dude. If you love gaming like just get good at it, you have to have the workout ethic. You have to practice. You have to do the deal and this can become a career, but if he doesn’t want to, he also wants to be a marine biologist, but hey, maybe he’ll, be the first professional gamer marine biologist. But yeah I’ve been able to take him to some gaming tournaments.

Since we live in Las Vegas, I’ve been able to take him to some tournaments. We went to a heroes of the storm tournament. We went to the Evo tournament, which is console fighting games.

He didn’t come with me to know one of the most recent ones, but Dreamhack came to Las Vegas. I got to go there again. I got to see some of my old friends. I also ran into my buddy heat on. You don’t believe that I knew heat on will check this picture out, but anyways he Dodd.

He used to be on SK big deal but yeah. I still stay in touch with some of the people, but now I’m a more casual gamer, I’m not a crazy competitive one. Sometimes my competitiveness comes out with me and my son are playing, but I try to. I try to turn it down a bit. You know what I mean my girlfriend calls me out on it all the time, but it’s cool it’s something that I get to do now and have fun and do with my son. I still say involve I’m still kind of watching in the background, seeing where eSports is going.

Csgo is a thing I play I played before I go off and on on you know, csgo I don’t like and I’m a 1.6 guy and one of the reasons I don’t like it, let’s be real, I suck at it. You know, but you know all of my friends. I still have a bunch of people in Las Vegas. A lot of my friends who I grew up with we’re all still 30 plus year old gaming nerds and we play together. I played dota 2 with them. We’Ve played overwatch and things like that, but one of the best things that I’ve done is is that you know start a YouTube channel with my son by the way, if any of you want to check it out, I will link to it in the in screen.

As well as in the info card me and my son started a channel called Dilli and dad and we do gaming videos on there and I love playing video games with him and he hasn’t gotten to the competitive aspect of it. But he will now. But if he wants to but anyways like I, I hope you. I hope you enjoyed this story. You might be new to my channel if you are welcome but yeah. If you like this video.

Do me a favor. Give this thing a big thumbs up and do me another favor go tell that guy Thorin that he needs to do a video about the first-ever eSports coach in the world. I’M just kidding! That’S my ego talking again, but anyways, I’m glad you stuck around this long. Thanks so much for watching – and you know what here’s, what gon na do – here’s we’re gon na do if you happen to watch this video. If you want to learn more about addiction, I work in a drug-and-alcohol treatment center.

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