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A Game About Chernobyl

Take on the role of Alex as he ventures to the outskirts of the Chernobyl Power Plant in a bid to uncover the mysterious helicopter disappearances in the Zone. Released in the wake of the series many glaring failures, this third entry managed to save the franchise with its tense atmosphere and improved gameplay. It […]

Top 25 PC First Person Shooters

Opening our list of the Top 25 PC First Person Shooters is Star Wars: Republic Commando Throughout the years, the Star Wars franchise has spanned across all mediums. From TV, Books, Comics and of course videogames. LucasArts’ hit or miss games have come a long way. And Republic Commando is one of them. Compared to […]

Video Game Engines

The team at Cloud Imperium Games are using the Amazon Lumberyard engine, a modified engine made by the online retail giant and based off of Crytek’s CryEngine software. If it’s ever finished — and after raising millions and millions of dollars through crowdfunding, it better be — then Star Citizen should push your graphics card […]