Author: Janice Chavez

Bad Beat Jackpot

If you are not familiar with bad beat jackpots, allow me to explain. In most bricks and mortar casinos there’s a progressive jackpot that builds over time, called the bad beat jackpot. Poker rooms often take out a greenback or 2 out of each raked pot and put it into? The bad beat jackpot. The […]

Wanna Play Games With Bonuses?

You wanna have a big free casinos bonus right now ? You can have it if you go online today. Playing online games with bonuses is easy and also extremely entertaining for anyone. People can play their games just like they were using their own real money. Casino bonuses will replace real money for a […]

Online Casino Gambling

Welcome to the Online Gambling section.  The most important factors to winning big are: 1.  Play at a Good Reputable Online Casino It is worth your time to research the casinos you are going to play.  Look for casinos that have great reputations, good payment histories and a history of treating their customers fairly. Look for reviews […]

Bluffing in Gambling. The Secrets Revealed

Bluffing is employed to fool other player’s into thinking you’ve got a better hand when you actually do not. To make the bluff work, you want the other players to think you really have a better hand by gambling or rising. Bluffing should be done at the right time and done carefully. Remember, everyone seems […]

VEGAS TIME – Main Event

Main Event dinner break, DAY 1A I’m playing since the first hand in the first level It’s been worth! I had a great chance in the very first 30 minutes of the game to double my stack I ended up earning many chips I reached 75,000 and now I have 62,000 out of the initial […]